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Home Warranties

By Kristi Gibbs | Mar 2, 2023

What are Home Warranties? Home warranties are a type of service contract that provide repair or replacement coverage for major systems and appliances in a home. They can be purchased by either the seller or the buyer, and typically last for one year. The question that often arises is whether it is worth buying a […]

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What does “as-is” mean?

By Kristi Gibbs | Feb 27, 2023

As-Is Properties: What Does That Mean? While looking for homes, buyers will sometimes come across a property listed “as-is” or have to make an “as-is” offer to get a home they love under contract. So what does as-is mean exactly?  An as-is offer means you can have an inspection, but you are not supposed to […]

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By Kristi Gibbs | Oct 24, 2022

When buying a home, many buyers think they only need to have a down payment ready for closing, however, there are many other fees that have to be paid throughout the process.  So what are these other costs, when are they due, and how can you prepare for them?  Look for a separate post touching […]

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By Kristi Gibbs | Aug 29, 2022

Have you ever heard of ‘broom clean’ condition? It’s the condition in which a property legally needs to be left when a seller moves out. Here are guidelines to help you know what the requirements are in terms of how the property should be left: Fixtures:  Anything attached to the walls other than artwork should stay which […]

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By Kristi Gibbs | Aug 12, 2022

What is earnest money? Earnest money is a good faith payment which shows the seller that you are serious about buying their home.  It’s also part of your down payment.  So for instance, if you pay 1% in earnest money (abbreviated as EM) and your total down payment is 20% then that means you’ve already […]

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By Kristi Gibbs | May 22, 2020

  Buyers are navigating showings during COVID-19 with the help of protective gear, patience, and flexibility.  The process is generally the same once you have identified the home you want unless you are from out of town.  Those buyers are not likely making multiple visits here.  Finding the home you want is a more thorough […]

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By Kristi Gibbs | May 22, 2020

  Whether you are selling during COVID-19 pandemic or considering selling, read on to learn more about selling during this time.  Listing consultation, marketing, showing, pricing, and closing protocols have all changed since then.  It’s important to have an understand of selling in today’s world because some of this may remain as the new normal […]

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By Kristi Gibbs | May 3, 2020

  If the buyer is obtaining a mortgage to purchase your home then the lender will require that an appraisal be completed.  The appraisal is an estimate of a property’s value. This is based on factors such as age, location, square feet, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, amenities, structural condition, and recent sales of similar […]

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By Kristi Gibbs | Mar 10, 2020

  The day has come when you have found your one and only.  Maybe not your true love of the human variety, but you did find a home you love.  Now what?!  Here is some information you need to know as you move forward with writing an offer. Full legal name:   You will sign […]

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